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U. Sabana – Team Tuner Garage

Katinka Rosmann, Justin Pluchon y Miguel Quintero Tirado, estudiantes de la Escuela Internacional de Ciencias económicas y administrativas de la Universidad de la Sabana cumplieron con sus asignaciones de Markting Sports visitando en Autódromo de Tocancipá para estudiar las potencialidades del Team Tuner Garage liderado por Julián Castro. Los estudiantes hicieron una investigación profunda del equipo, dedicando buena parte de su trabajo a entrevista a Julián Castro quien contó las raíces de su pasón en su natal Medellín. “Tuner Garage no es un equipo, es un legado de velocidad y dedicación” es la frase con la que el trío de estudiantes define al colectivo paisa. A continuación, transcribimos el informe completo de los estudiantes.
Trabajo supervisado y calificado por la profesora Gloria Arias Levin.
Apoyo TC 2.000 Colombia: Paola Oliveros, Gustavo Palacios y Ricardo Soler.   

TC 2000 - Team TunerGarage
Teams Brochure
Tuner Garage, a TC2000 racing team, has its roots in Medellín, Colombia. Founded by Julian, this garage has become a haven for speed lovers. From the age of 5, Julian was introduced to the world of motorsports by his uncle, taking him to the racetrack and igniting his passion.
What began as a childhood fascination evolved into Tuner Garage, a place that goes beyond racing. Here, not only are engines tuned, but support is provided in driving techniques and competitions. Every turn of the wrench in this garage is infused with Julian's passion for cars and racing. So Tuner Garage is not just a team, it's a legacy of speed and dedication.
How to present the team in public and in front of potential investors.
Julian reveals that Tuner Garage lacks a strategy to promote itself publicly or attract investors. However, this apparent weakness also reveals a latent opportunity to gain national recognition.
Historically, all of the riders who have been part of the team have come through word-of-mouth recommendations. Julian mentions that one alternative to increase their visibility is through decals on customers' vehicles.
This organic, referral-based approach has been effective so far, but the lack of a formal promotional strategy may be limiting Tuner Garage's reach and potential. Through new tactics, such as decals, they could explore additional avenues to expand their presence on the national automotive scene.
Equipment infrastructure & team members
They have 15 pilots and 2 team managers. Julian and his wife who is the only women of the group.
Team History and Projection.
Tuner Garage has left a remarkable mark on the automotive world in its 8 years in the market, although Julian has been immersed in this ecosystem for approximately 20 years. In 2016, one year after opening the garage, Julian managed to position 15 cars among the top spots under his command.
Looking to the future, Julían highlights the need for more drivers and employees, as well as expansion to cover all TC2000 categories. For the continued growth of the team, Julian points out that it is crucial to have more drivers who demonstrate high performance in competitions. In a sport that demands high cash flow, the search for sponsors becomes essential to reduce costs.
Drivers and investors can be a key part of this equation, either by incentivizing them with tax breaks or rewards for their success on the track. Julian recognizes that motorsport requires not only talent and passion, but also a sound financial structure. Tuner Garage's future strategy is focused on consolidating its presence, growing its team and continuing to position itself as a powerhouse in the competitive world of TC2000.
Corporate image & images of the day

Statistics of the Sports car market
The sports car market is a part of the broader automobile industry. It focuses on high-performance vehicles that offer speed, quick acceleration, great handling, and an exciting driving experience. It originated in Europe in the early 1900s and are now loved worldwide. These cars are generally more expensive than regular cars and are built for performance with typically two seats and a roadster layout.
In 2022, the global sports car market was worth about $110.25 billion and is expected to grow to $134.58 billion by 2030, with a growth rate of 2.54% each year  (ZionMarket Research, 2024).

Challenges in the Market:

- High Costs: The lowest price for basic sports car models starts around $25,000, with luxury models costing over $100,000 due to advanced technology and premium materials. However, Tune motor also provides the opportunity to use a regular street car and modify it for races.

- Complex Maintenance: Sports cars come with complex features like launch control and stability systems, which make them more expensive to maintain.
 (ZionMarket Research, 2024)
Statistic tuner market

According to Julian tune motor is one of the top car tuning companies in Colombia! There are no exact statistics online, but their racers win regularly in Colombian competition.
The vehicle tuner market is estimated at USD 6.4 billion in 2023 and it is expected to reach USD 12 billion by 2033. It plays an increasingly important role in the sports car industry with a CAGR of 6.4% from 2023 to 2033. Sports car enthusiasts and racers stive for excellent performance, and the tuner market meets this need. Since the government is limiting OEM performance, many look for other solutions to unlock the full potential of their vehicles.
From 2018 to 2022, the tuner market grew from $4.76 billion to $5.8 billion, despite the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth demonstrates how important tuner technologies are to imrpove the vehicle efficiency and performance, which are essential for high-performance sports cars.
Furthermore, the economic impact of car tuning on the sports car industry is significant, since tuning improves and repairs the car without the need to purchase new vehicles. This is particularly important in the US, where the tuner market supports a dynamic sports car enhancement sector.
As vehicle technologies develop, the tuner market is expected to adapt and offer advanced solutions for the next generation of sports vehicles, including electric models.
In short, the vehicle tuner market plays a critical role in upgrading sports vehicles beyond what manufacturers can offer due to regulations and cost constraints. As it grows, it will continue to shape the future of high performance sports vehicles and bring innovation and excitement to the industry.
(Automotive Tuner Market 2024-2032 | Size,Share, Growth, n.d.);
(Automotive Tuner Market, 2023)

Strength from the Human Point of View (Trainer)

A key strength of Tuner Garage lies in the human element, particularly in the role of the coach - Julian himself. His approach as a coach goes beyond technical skills; he fosters resilience, dedication, and strategic thinking in his team. His comprehensive mentorship prepares riders not only to compete, but to perform in a high pressure environment. This people-centered approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement that is critical to both current success and long-term sustainability. In addition, Julian's ability to connect with each team member on a personal level allows him to adapthis training methods to individual strengths and weaknesses, maximizing each rider's potential. He emphasizes the importance of mental strength and focus, knowing that the psychological aspects of racing are just as important as the physical.

Furthermore, he explains that everyone can become a racer. They track each player’s time individually to be able to track their personal improvement. How they are being tuned is demonstrated below.

In essence, Julian's as an instructor at the Tuner garage trains not only skilled racers, but also individuals who represent the values of the garage both on and off the track. His leadership is guiding the racers and lead them to excellence in the competitive world of motorsport.
Commercial Plan

Tuner Garage, a rising star in the world of TC2000 racing, primarily recruits new racers through word-of-mouth advertising. Despite the effectiveness of this traditional method, they could expand and diversify their promotional strategies to increase visibility and attract both sponsors and new talent.

Currently, Tuner Garage has a presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Although these platforms are active, engagement levels are modest:

- Instagram: 226 posts, 2,735 followers, and an average of 5-15 likes per post.

- TikTok: Average views per video are around 600, with the most popular video reaching over 11,000 views. 487 Followers 2279 likes.
- Facebook: 1.518 likes,  1.593 Followers
 These statistics indicate a solid following, but also highlight the need for a more robust social media strategy to increase engagement and reach. The approach should focus on improving the quality of content and interaction to capitalize on the unique opportunities of each platform:
- Instagram: Increase post frequency with a mix of high-quality images and videos of races, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive posts like Q&As or live sessions. Utilize Instagram Stories and Reels to showcase dynamic content such as race day preparations or engine tuning sessions.
- TikTok: Capitalize on the viral nature of TikTok by creating engaging, short-form content that highlights the thrilling aspects of racing and car modifications. Encourage viral challenges or trends related to motorsports.
- Facebook: Host live events or races and share in-depth articles or posts aimed at car enthusiasts. Facebook's diverse demographics allow for broader content strategies, including targeted ads for local and regional audiences.
Branding and Market Positioning:

A notable problem for Tuner Garage is the similarity in name to a very successful company in Panama, which has over 425,000 followers on YouTube alone. This could cause confusion and mislead potential followers and sponsors. To address this issue, Tuner Garage should consider a slight rebranding or a unique tagline that clearly differentiates the company in search results and marketing materials.

Sponsorship Strategy:

Tuner Garage's approach to sponsorship - only working with brands that align with their moral values - is applaudable and could be a keystone of their promotional efforts. This ethical approach can be marketed as a unique selling point and appeal to sponsors and fans who value integrity over sheer performance. Proactive outreach to potential sponsors should include personalized pitches that highlight the shared values and mutual benefits of sponsorship.


-Interview with Julian, his wife and Pipe (a racer). (Audio material provided if demanded)

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