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U. Sabana – Escudería Cali TC

“Investing in Escudería Cali TC offers numerous benefits, including brand exposure and visibility through sponsorships, access to a passionate motorsports community, potential for strategic partnerships and collaborations, and alignment with a successful and respected racing team in Colombia”.

Louis Brend y Andrés Cruz, estudiantes de la Escuela Internacional de Ciencias económicas y administrativas de la Universidad de la Sabana cumplieron con sus asignaciones de Markting Sports visitando el Autódromo de Tocancipá para estudiar las potencialidades de la Escudería Cali TC liderada por el piloto Melkin Marín. “La Escudería Cali TC no sólo se ha enfocado en ganar carreras, sino también en retribuir a sus patrocinadores y socios, así como a su comunidad. El equipo apoya y asesora activamente a los aspirantes a corredores de Cali, brindándoles oportunidades, capacitación y exposición en las carreras profesionales del TC 2.000 Colombia”… es una de las conclusiones importantes que se lee en el trabajo presentado. A continuación, transcribimos el informe completo de los estudiantes.
Trabajo supervisado y calificado por la profesora Gloria Arias Levin.
Apoyo TC 2.000 Colombia: Paola Oliveros, Gustavo Palacios y Ricardo Soler.   
Escudería Cali TC

How to present the team in public and in front of potential investors.
Escudería Cali TC has been a prominent figure in Colombia's motorsports scene for over a decade. Founded with a deep passion for racing, the team has skilled drivers and dedicated support staff who are always looking for excellence and commitment. The drivers, Melkin Marin and Catalina Garces, alongside the support staff led by Hernando Marín, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the track.
Colombia offers an exciting market opportunity for motorsports, with a noticeable growth in interest and participation in racing events across the country. Escudería Cali TC is strategically positioned in this evolving landscape, benefiting from a growing motorsports community in their city and limited professional racing teams.
The team sees significant potential for growth and expansion by capitalizing on Colombia's growing motorsports scene. Escudería Cali TC aims to expand into new racing series and competitions, engage with motorsports enthusiasts through events and promotions, develop young talent from their city Cali Colombia, and embrace innovation and technology to improve performance.
Today, Escudería Cali TC is thrilled to present an investment opportunity. The team is seeking [$ amount] in funding to enhance racing capabilities and infrastructure, explore new ventures and opportunities, invest in marketing and promotional activities, and develop talent to young future racing stars.
Investing in Escudería Cali TC offers numerous benefits, including brand exposure and visibility through sponsorships, access to a passionate motorsports community, potential for strategic partnerships and collaborations, and alignment with a successful and respected racing team in Colombia.
Team members. 
Also, Hernando Marín as a logistic support and whenever they come to Bogotá to race they connect with different trainers and mechanics from local workshops in order to have their vehicles and everything ready for the race.
Corporate image 

The corporate image of Escudería Cali TC is the team’s visual identity always giving a nice perception for the sponsors and fans.
Here you can see the last image changes that they had while their were changing of sponsor.

Whenever they have new sponsors depending on the deal, they showcase the brands on their vehicles, uniforms, pits, workshop, and digital material.
Team History and Projection. 

Escudería Cali TC was founded by Melkin Marin, a passionate racing enthusiast from Cali, Colombia. Inspired by his father, Hernando Marin, an accomplished driver, Melkin envisioned creating a racing team that would not only compete at a high level but also serve as a platform to nurture young talents in their community.
Escudería Cali TC has been a prominent figure in Colombia's motorsports scene. Led by Melkin Marin as the founder and driver, alongside co-driver Catalina Garces, the team has achieved significant success in national racing circuits.
Escudería Cali TC has not only focused on winning races but also on giving back to their sponsors and partners and also their community. The team actively supports and mentors aspiring racers from Cali, providing them with opportunities, training, and exposure to professional racing.
Looking forward, Escudería Cali TC is committed to representing Cali, Colombia, at its best. The team aims to expand its reach and visibility, they want to show Cali's driving talents on a bigger stage while fostering partnerships that support local motorsports development.
Equipment infrastructure.  

Escudería Cali TC, based in Cali, Colombia, faces logistical challenges when participating in racing events at Tocancipá, near Bogotá. To ensure optimal performance, the team transports critical equipment including racing vehicles, tools, spare parts, support equipment, and infrastructure components necessary for race preparations and operations. This includes pit equipment, temporary shelters, and communication systems essential for creating a functional workspace at the race track. The team also transports personnel such as drivers, mechanics, engineers, and support staff to Tocancipá, arranging accommodations and logistics for optimal focus and performance during the race weekend. Transporting this equipment requires specialized handling and secure transportation to maintain condition and performance. Upon arrival, the team adapts equipment and infrastructure to the race track's specific conditions, fine-tuning vehicles and optimizing systems for optimal performance. Escudería Cali TC's efficient logistical preparations underline the team's dedication to competing at the highest level and showcasing their skills in Colombia's motorsports.
Social – strength from the human point of view (Trainer)  

From a human and social perspective, Escudería Cali TC is deeply engaged with its local community in Cali, Colombia. The team actively makes courses for car preparations and technical skills and want to participate in outreach programs, school visits, and community events to promote motorsports and inspire youth involvement. Escudería Cali TC would like to serve as a mentor to aspiring racers, offering guidance, support, and skill development opportunities. The team values diversity and inclusion, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to participate in motorsports and fostering a culture of teamwork and respect.
 Beyond racing, being part of Escudería Cali TC cultivates personal growth, resilience, and important life skills like discipline and sportsmanship. As proud ambassadors of Cali, Escudería Cali TC shows local identity and pride through their achievements on regional and national stages. The team's commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability further demonstrates its dedication to making a positive impact in the community and beyond.
Commercial plan (Advertising and activations). 

In order to create a strong commercial plan, the team would like to create a strong experience of motorsport. The plan additionally to be aware of the visibility of the company. The commercial plan is to find sponsorships and financing by showing their forces, their competences, their trainings, and their motivation. The aim is to show to people that are interested in the team, to find a serious team ready to win a lot of races and gives a good visibility to people that invest in.
Escudería Cali TC can implement a range of engaging activations to enhance fan interaction and drive brand visibility. Fan meet-and-greets with drivers Melkin Marin and Catalina Garces offer personal connections and excitement during race weekends, while behind-the-scenes pit crew experiences provide insights into race day operations. Virtual reality simulations and racing simulator competitions offer immersive experiences for fans to feel the thrill of driving a race car. These activations not only strengthen fan engagement but also sponsor relationships, positioning Escudería Cali TC as a leader in motorsports with a strong presence both on and off the track.
Statistics for the investors (social media):

Escudería Cali TC for 2022 had more than 6,4 million of interactions per season with their social media accounts as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Also, they could reach 10 million people who are in contact with TC-2000 tournament by any free-press media. On the other hand, they have 12 advertising pieces of TC-2000 branding available for the sponsor’s brands and even 7 dates of live television transmission on a national channel which could be a great showcase for the brands printed on the car, uniforms, etc.