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  • Noticias TC2000

U. Sabana – JyC Motorsport

Sten Suijten y José David Silva, estudiantes de la Escuela Internacional de Ciencias económicas y administrativas de la Universidad de la Sabana cumplieron con sus asignaciones de Markting Sports visitando en Autódromo de Tocancipá para estudiar las potencialidades del equipo JyC Motorsport liderado por Víctor y Saulo Barrera. “El equipo mira con ambición al futuro buscando expandir su presencia en circuitos internacionales y compitiendo en las mejores categorías de automovilismo deportivo en el mundo” es una de las conclusiones importantes que se lee en el trabajo presentado. A continuación, transcribimos el informe completo de los estudiantes.
Trabajo supervisado y calificado por la profesora Gloria Arias Levin.
Apoyo TC 2.000 Colombia: Paola Oliveros, Gustavo Palacios y Ricardo Soler.   

Report on JYC Motorsport
Commercial Presentation for Investors
1. Team Brochure:
The JYC Motorsport team brochure serves as a window into the world of high-performance motorsport. Designed with a modern and dynamic aesthetic, the brochure showcases the team's past achievements, its vision for the future, and the key aspects that distinguish it in the world of motorsport.

2. How to Present the Team in Public and in Front of Potential Investors:
To effectively present the JYC Motorsport team in public and to potential investors, it is crucial to focus on the following key points:
· Highlight the team's past accomplishments and accolades in previous competitions.
· Communicate the team's long-term vision and objectives.
· Showcase the experience and expertise of the team's management and technical staff.
· Demonstrate the team's commitment to innovation and technological development in the sport of motorsport.
· Present clear investment opportunities and potential benefits for investors.

3. Team Members:
· Chief Executive Officer: Juan Lopez
· Technical Director: Carlos Martinez
· Drivers: Maria Garcia and Alejandro Rodriguez
· Race Engineers: Highly experienced technical team specializing in the design and tuning of race vehicles.
· Support Staff: Team of mechanics and logistics personnel dedicated to ensuring optimal performance in every race.

4. Corporate Image:
The corporate image of JYC Motorsport is characterized by professionalism, innovation, and a passion for motorsport. The team's distinctive logo and visual identity are used cohesively across all marketing and communication materials, conveying an image of trust and excellence.

5. Team History and Projection:
JYC Motorsport has a rich history in the world of car racing, with numerous achievements and victories to its name. However, the team also looks to the future with ambition, seeking to expand its presence on the international circuit and compete in the major categories of world motorsport.

6. Equipment Infrastructure:
The JYC Motorsport team boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, including cutting-edge engineering workshops, high-tech racing simulators, and an aerodynamic development center. These facilities provide the team with the necessary resources to optimize vehicle performance and stay at the forefront in terms of technology and design.

7. Social Aspect - Strength from the Human Point of View:
JYC Motorsport deeply values its personnel and promotes a collaborative and supportive work environment. Team members are not just colleagues but also a close-knit family united by their shared passion for car racing. Additionally, the team is committed to making positive contributions to local communities through corporate social responsibility programs.

8. Book:
The JYC Motorsport team book tells the exciting story of the team, from its humble beginnings to its triumphs on race tracks around the world. Through impactful photographs, detailed accounts, and exclusive interviews, the book offers an intimate look into the world of competitive car racing and the team spirit that drives JYC Motorsport towards success.

9. Statistics:
· Number of races competed.
· Podium positions achieved.
· Lap times and records.
· Vehicle performance statistics.
· Comparative analysis with rival teams.

10. Commercial Plan (Advertising and Activations):
JYC Motorsport's commercial plan focuses on maximizing brand visibility and generating business opportunities through advertising strategies and activations at sports and motorsport-related events. This includes sponsorship agreements, digital and social media presence, promotional events, and collaborations with like-minded brands.
With a strong focus on sporting excellence, technological innovation, and social commitment, JYC Motorsport presents itself as an attractive opportunity for investors looking to join a leading team in the world of competitive motorsport.